Ice Fishing For Pike on Shell lake and Lure Reviews

I haven’t been fishing much since the lakes froze, so I haven’t had much to blog about but I finally got out fishing this weekend. My dad and I decided to go ice fishing for some pike at my grandparent’s cabin on shell lake.

Saturday afternoon

I started fishing at about noon, I started out using a gold and green slender spoon and caught several small 14-18 inch pike then at about 1:00 PM I got a pike that was about 4 poundsImage

At about 2:00 PM I got 2 more small ones and then went back to the house to get minnows, when I came back out my dad was with me, so we each set up a tip-up with live sucker minnows and I continued using the slender spoon on my jigging rod. Not long after setting up I got another 4 pounder on the slender spoon and my dad got a small one on the tip-up.Image

At about 2:45 my dad got about a 5 pounder on a swedish pimple jigging spoon and I got a couple small ones on the tip-up.Image

The rest of the day was un eventful until when my dad was reeling in the tip-ups he got a 4 pounder on the live sucker.Image

Then we decided to head in. The weather when I started  was sunny and 29 degrees, with light wind, but by the time I headed in at 4:00 PM it was 7 degrees and cloudy with 25 mph winds.

Sunday morning

Overnight the temperature plummeted to 30 below zero, and when me and my dad decided to go out and fish for an hour before we went home it was still 20 below zero. We used the same set up as the day before except I switched to a VMC tingler spoon because I had snapped the slender spoon off the day before. The fish were more finicky than the day before because of the cold front that was coming through, we missed several lighter biting fish right away, then my dad got a small one on one of the tip-ups. After more missed fish I managed to hook into a 4 pounder with the VMC tingler spoon. Image

This was the only bigger fish of the day and the last fish of the trip.

Lure Reviews

Custom Jigs and Spins Slender Spoon


This was the spoon that I used the most during this trip, I used a green and gold spoon in the largest size. They come in all sizes for anything from crappies to pike, and when jigged aggressively they have a wide fluttering action and give off a lot of flash or they can be twitched in place for sluggish or finicky fish.

VMC Tingler Spoon


This spoon has a very similar action to the slender spoon and can be used in many of the same situations, one thing about it that I like better than the slender spoon is the hook it is more heavy duty and seemed sharper. this spoon also gives off a lot off flash and has a wide fluttering action. On this trip I used the 3/16 oz. model in perch color.


both of these lure are quality and versatile products and I will definitely buy more in the future.

Tight Lines, NSAngler