Shell Rock River 11/9-11/10/13

This weekend we took a family trip to Iowa, and managed to get a little fishing in on the Shell Rock River. We launched 2 john boats with three people each. We were casting hair jigs tipped with fathead minnows along current breaks and  and deep holes with slack water ,and slowly jigging them back to the boat.

Day 1

The first fish of day 1 was a 18 inch walleye caught by my cousin once removed, and then I got a 14 inch walleye and he got another 14 incher. All of these fish were caught within 15 minutes of each other and were the only fish of the day, then after many missed bites and snags we decided to call it a day.


Day 2

Day two stared the same way as day one, except my cousin once removed had already been fishing for an hour and had two keepers in the cooler, 18 and 14 inch walleyes. We met at the access and my, dad my great uncle, and I got in the boats. we didn’t get any more fish until the end of the day when my cousin once removed got a 21 inch walleye and I got a 14 inch walleye and a redhorse sucker.


We were all cold and tired so we decided to get back to the access. When we met the others at the access they had a 14 inch walleye and a 24 inch pike. we filleted the fish and headed for home in time to have a fish fry. 

Two weeks before we got there my cousins once removed were catching 200 walleye per weekend, but the cold weather shut off the bite, but it was a fun time on the water with family and friends. So despite cold fingers, lack of fish, many missed fish, and snags, as well as a lot of cussing at the previous, it was a great weekend.

Tight Lines, NSAngler