Mystery Bull”heads”

Today my dad and I took the canoe out on Lory lake. We didn’t get a single bite, we tried shallow, deep, and many different techniques. The wind made it hard to control the canoe, but it was a beautiful morning all the same and not at all uneventful. We were on the west side of the lake when I saw something wiggling on the surface of the water, we paddled over to it, and it was a bullhead’s severed head still moving and still bleeding. ImageWe paddled a little further, and found another one. This time of year bullheads and other members of the catfish family go dormant, I think that a snapping turtle was moving along the water chomping on dormant bullheads. There was also a beautiful sun rise, and we got a great view of some trumpeter swans, so it just goes to show that when the fish don’t bite that doesn’t mean it will be be an exciting morning.

Tight Lines, NSAngler