Royalton Hydroelectric Dam- 8/23/16

 On the 23rd I spe20160823_182305nt a few hours fishing at the hydroelectric dam in Royalton, MN. It was partly cloudy most of the time  I was there and lightly rained for a short time. After dark the mosquitos became almost unbearable, but I stuck it out a little longer. I drifted cut sucker on a 6/0 circle hook on a slip sinker rig with a 2 oz. bank weight. I ended upwith 6 catfish mostly in 1-5# range. I have never fished this spot before and was pretty  happy with the results.

Tight lines,


Lake Francis Case, SD (Missouri River)- 7/28/16-7/31/16

Recently I spent the weekend at Snake Creek Recreation Area near Platte, SD. Originally our plan was to fish for walleyes over flooded tree tops with dowriggers, but as this proved to be unproductive my focus soon changed.

Day 1: After unpacking and scouting for a good shore fishing spot I set up on shore fishing the edge of a sandbar. I fished slip sinker rigs with a 3/0 circle hook baited with worm. I fished until about an hour after sunset and caught several small channel catfish and a carp.


Day 2: We started the day by fishing spinner rigs on bottom bouncers to see if we could find the walleyes, 5 hours and one small catfish later we gave this up and went in for dinner. Later I set up in the same spot as the day before and caught 8 channel catfish on worms and dipbait and kept 5 of the smaller ones.


Day 3: We fished shad raps on downriggers all day with no success aside from a few smallmouth bass and mooneyes. I kept one of the mooneyes to use as cutbait later on for catfish. After dinner I set up to fish the sandbar again, this time with cutbait instead of worms. I used the same rig as before, but swapped the 3/0 hook for a 6/0. I fished from 8pm-2am and caught about 22 channel catfish with a few blues mixed in. The largest was around 12 pounds and I kept 8 from 2 to 5 pounds.


Day 4: After packing  up  I managed to fit in another 45 minutes of fish during which I was able to get 2 more catfish before starting the 7 hour trip home.

Tight lines,


Lake of the Woods 6/11/16-6/18/16

I know this post is rather late, but I figured I should probably put something up being that this was one of my biggest trips of the year. The fishing was a little slow by Lake of the Woods standards, but was still phenomenal compared to most places. I didn’t take as many pictures as past years. The pictures below are some of the highlights, details in the captions.

Tight Lines,


Easy Camp Trout Recipe

This is a recipe I like to use with trout, but it can be done with most fish species. My measurements are not exact, I just add as much as I feel is necessary and experiment til I get it right. Cooking times  will vary depending n the thickness of your fish and the temperature of your fire. This recipe can be  done in an oven as well if you’d like to do it at home.



  • 3-5 trout (or other fish) gutted with skins on per aluminum foil packet
  • Your choice of vegetables, I used onions and morel mushrooms
  • Butter, 1/3 of a stick per packet
  • your choice of seasoning, some suggestions: dill, lemon pepper, cajun, or seasoning salt.

Preparation & Cooking

  1. Lay out enough foil to cover your fish, I recommend using 2 layers to stop leakage
  2. Place your cleaned fish on the foil
  3. Add chopped vegetables, place some inside the fish and leave the rest loose in the foil
  4. Add butter
  5. Seal foil tightly
  6. Place on a grate over the fire for 15-20 minutes or until the fish flakes all the way through
  7. Let cool then enjoy


Tightlines (and full stomachs),


Yellow River State Forest: Trout & Morels


This past weekend I went on a trout fishing trip in the Yellow River State Forest. The area where I camp on Little paint creek gets a  lot of fishing pressure and  the fishing tends to be pretty  tough in many of the main pools and there are not many larger fish left. For this reason I try to get off of the beaten path. Most of the fish were caught on small in-line spinners, small dry flies, and beadhead nymphs. The average fish was 10-12 inches I could see larger  fish in some of the pools, but could get very few of them to rise to a bait. My largest was a 17 inch brown trout on a Copper John Beadhead Nymph, pheasant tail nymphs, brassies, Parachute Adams, and Griffith’s Gnat also were producing a few fish. I got a limit of five fish each day and released quite a few as well.


On Saturday I went looking for morel mushrooms. Looking around the bases of elm trees with peeling bark. between four of us we picked about 4 pounds.



Other Notes

Unidentified Fish: One of my younger cousins caught  small fish on the creek with a dipnet, my first thought was that it was a sculpin of some kind, comment any other details you may have. I made sure it was released alive and well back into the creek


Big Trout=Big Bait: When cleaning trout I usually check the stomach contents so I can “match the hatch”. In one of the larger Brown Trout I found a fairly large frog in its gullet. Even though these fish are often caught on tiny baits this goes to show they sometimes take in very large meals.




Nightcrawler Hunting


Gathering your own nightcrawlers is a good way to save some money and its easy once you get the hang of it. All you need is a headlamp, a container for your worms. Nightcrawlers can be found after dark on almost any night, but nights after a rain are the best. Once you start looking get low to the ground and scan 4-6 feet ahead of you. be sure to walk softly, worms are very sensitive to vibrations. once you spot one quickly pin it against the ground and pull softly and steadily to pull the worm all the way out of the ground without breaking it. On a good night it is not uncommon to gather 2-3 dozen worms. worm population varies depending on rainfall and the soil type of your area.


Sucker Fishing On the Rum River, Ice out- 4-30-16

As soon as the ice breaks on the river I start fishing the river for redhorse and white suckers. It helps me kill time before the walleye, pike and bass seasons are open. suckers can be found in good numbers in the spring by fishing slip sinker rigs in the deeper holes of the river. My preferred bait for suckers is worms, in murky or dark conditions use large nightcrawlers and in clear water conditions i like to use smaller angle worms.


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