Yellow River State Forest: Trout & Morels


This past weekend I went on a trout fishing trip in the Yellow River State Forest. The area where I camp on Little paint creek gets a  lot of fishing pressure and  the fishing tends to be pretty  tough in many of the main pools and there are not many larger fish left. For this reason I try to get off of the beaten path. Most of the fish were caught on small in-line spinners, small dry flies, and beadhead nymphs. The average fish was 10-12 inches I could see larger  fish in some of the pools, but could get very few of them to rise to a bait. My largest was a 17 inch brown trout on a Copper John Beadhead Nymph, pheasant tail nymphs, brassies, Parachute Adams, and Griffith’s Gnat also were producing a few fish. I got a limit of five fish each day and released quite a few as well.


On Saturday I went looking for morel mushrooms. Looking around the bases of elm trees with peeling bark. between four of us we picked about 4 pounds.



Other Notes

Unidentified Fish: One of my younger cousins caught  small fish on the creek with a dipnet, my first thought was that it was a sculpin of some kind, comment any other details you may have. I made sure it was released alive and well back into the creek


Big Trout=Big Bait: When cleaning trout I usually check the stomach contents so I can “match the hatch”. In one of the larger Brown Trout I found a fairly large frog in its gullet. Even though these fish are often caught on tiny baits this goes to show they sometimes take in very large meals.




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