Rum River Princeton M,N 10/18/13

Rum River Princeton M,N 10/18/13

This morning I fished on the Rum River for walleye, smallmouth bass, and pike. I started out fishing for walleye with nightcrawlers on a slip sinker rig, I just cast strait out and let the current take the bait until my line is parallel with the bank then let it sit for about ten minutes and re-cast. A good situation for this is when you have a sand bar next to deeper water and the water eddies around creating a deeper hole with a rock or gravel bottom. The first fish was a 18″ redhorse sucker, then about 20 minutes later I caught a 13″ walleye. after 45 minutes with no bites I moved to a different spot where i hoped to catch some bass and pike, I started out fishing a curly tail grub on a 1/8 oz. jig, after getting no bites on that I switched to a blue and silver original floating Rapala and caught one small pike. Over all the bite was pretty slow today I was surprised I didn’t catch any smallmouth bass, I think they were keyed in on the baitfish and ignoring lure because I saw many bass jumping and swirling on top of the water but could not get a strike.

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